Home Renovations Checklist!


Not creating a checklist is one of the most common and costly mistakes that we see homeowners make. Taking the the time to make a checklist of what service or products you want saves everyone time and money. As a good contractor, it’s my job to educate my clients on what is going to make sense for their project. As a good client, you should have some basic decisions before the initial consultation. Under most of our services that we offer. We have already created a check list for most of the decisions that need to be made. 

Often, I meet with potential clients and they want to have some routine repairs done, but they haven’t taken the time to make a list of any of them. This is a problem for a few reasons. The first issue is that you will almost never be comparing apples to apples. One contractor sees one issue.  A different contractor identifies a different potential problem, and so on. All the while you are going through each consultation trying to remember what this guy said or what your uncle thought was the problem. Now you have received two totally different quotes.

Benefits of a Home Renovations checklist!

I would suggest making a itemized list of each repair or project and start from there. If you are getting multiple bids and receiving other suggestions or adding items for replacement. Make sure to add them to the list. This way, when the next contractor comes he will be bidding on the same items or projects. The second reason that you would want to make a list is, most contractors don’t write detailed estimates. They don’t take the time to itemize what they’re going to do (they should to protect themselves!). If you have your own list. You can at least make sure that all the things on your list will be completed at the cost the contractor has quoted you.

If you are in the market for SidingWindowsDecks, or doors. Check out our services pages for additional information, literature, and a check list. 



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